The Founder’s Story

Welcome to Art of the Spa – experts in bringing spa style home.  Spa Hangover is our online oasis where we dream, diy and style our lives after the incredible places we’ve been to.  When I lost my job as a spa consultant, I couldn’t stop living the dream . . . instead I rocked retreat style at home!  The long version of our story follows (for those with longer attention spans.)   Chillax with us for a while! Candy

An Obsession is Born

Art of the Spa was unwittingly born the summer I was fifteen.  Shy and overweight (and sick of having NO attention from the boys at school), I decided to make over myself. I remember reading about a spa in a magazine and thinking, “WOW! I have gotta go there!” Of course, my Mom and Dad couldn’t just fork out a few grand for their insecure teenager to traipse around on some spa holiday.

I became an armchair traveller, requesting brochures from every spa I could find. I kept them in a purple & yellow plaid suitcase under my bed.  After poring over catalog after catalog, I mimicked the Golden Door’s program & lost 50 pounds & resolved to go to a spa as soon as I “grew up”.

Yes, Virginia, My Job is Going to the Spa

Many years later, downsized, I went back to my spa obsession.  I became a spa auditor where my job was, yes, seriously, to spa!

Enter recession, my work slowed and I began recreating my former spa life into my home.  I’ve always been very Martha-ey.  And, I also noticed, that most people are stressed out by their homes. . . the very place that should be their oasis from stress.

Enter Art of the Spa where our mission is to bring the relaxing, rejuvenating spa to the real world.  Art of the Spa as your set designer, helping you live  just like you’re at a spa!  Forget blah.  Spa is not just hanging out in the bathroom all day.