Update! DIY: New Year’s Spa Styled Tree Inspired by The Golden Door to Make Wishes Come True

In case y’all didn’t know, before the Golden Door was sold to it’s new owners, I broadcast my podcast, Life’s A Holladay from the spa so y’all could experience my week with me.  That visit got me wondering how Japan celebrates the holidays. Take the Christmas Tree, many Japanese festoon it with wishes written on festive paper […]

Marriage, Menopause & Manners: Dear Abby’s Spa Sense

Today I read that Dear Abby passed away at age 94.  If you don’t know who that is, nee Pauline Phillips, she wrote a syndicated advice column under the pseudonym Abigail Van Buren.  It got me to thinking about if she had ever encountered any spa etiquette questions.  Turns out, she, the genius she was, […]

Dish Up A Spa Supper for the Golden Globe Awards

Tomorrow night is the Golden Globe Awards and guess which of our fave spa hotels is hosting?  The Beverly Hilton!  We’re betting there will be so many stars in their Aqua Star Spa tomorrow, the therapists will need sunglasses. But what really excites me is stumbling upon the menu for the awards!  The chefs at […]

Pink and green union jack throw pillow from karen hilton designs etsy

London Styled Lounge for Ogling the Olympics

Can you believe it’s time for the Olympics?  I get weary of the whole hullaballoo by the time it’s over, but am always super excited about watching those opening ceremonies, they usually rock! Whether you’re hosting an Olympic viewing party or vegging out ogling those gorgeous athlethes, how about a bit of Brit witted spa style […]

Herbicide! Who Murdered the Parsley?

Since I moved to California, I have amazed myself at the things I’ve been able to grow!  Back in the midwest, my friends nicknamed my apartment the Plant Graveyard – except for orchids which by some weird fluke flourish like gangbusters under my watch. My new place has the most spectacular greenhouse window in the […]

007 Copper Chic: Eau Spa

Though January is over, we’re still obsessing over Dr. No’s (our James Bond film for January) escape.  For instance, it’s kitted out with copper.  From the automatic sliding pushbutton doors, to the elevators and walls, bright shiny copper glams up the place. Spas are no stranger to copper either.  With a gorgeous aesthetic and renowned […]