Spa Lifestyle Firm Reveals 3 Ways to De Stress Your Home


Spa Lifestyle Firm Reveals Ways to Reduce Stress in Your Home

Los Angeles, CA – April 25, 2012.  It’s no secret that stress is a health hazard.  It contributes to conditions like heart disease, diabetes and even cancer.  On the other hand, managing stress, can energize, rejuvenate and may even help one live longer.

During April, National Stress Awareness Month, the Health Resource Network (HRN) is urging Americans to identify and deal with stress.  The HRN is also encouraging others to bring to light misconceptions about this modern malady.  Candy Silvasy, founder of Art of the Spa, is raising awareness about one major, yet often ignored cause of stress, our homes.

“Ironically,” Silvasy maintains, “the very place that should be our escape, can cause even more troubles.  Our clients, who are looking for ways to incorporate spa design elements into their homes, consistently are oblivious to this.  Few recognize that their homes, which ideally would be their sanctuaries, are one of their biggest stressors.”

Silvasy pinpoints top issues she encounters in her work with helping clients create a more spa like environment at home and reveals ways to conquer the chaos:

Problem 1.  No Space to Relax

Solution:  The majority of Americans share their dwellings with family.  This makes taking a few moments to unwind in peace difficult – an essential coping strategy.  In a spa, this space would be the relaxation room.  Designate your own “me nook” at home.  This could be the bathtub, a chair, even a pillow on the floor.  Let it be known that when in this spot you are not to be disturbed unless it’s an emergency for at least 5 minutes.

Problem 2.  Unfinished Projects

Solution:  It’s not uncommon for our abodes to be full of half finished repairs and DIY attempts.  These serve as a constant reminder of failure and can even foster feelings of overwhelm.  Hire someone to finish the job no matter how small.  Do not feel guilty.  Angie’s List is a superb resource to find someone reputable to complete the job at a reasonable rate.

Problem 3.  Pressure to Maintain a Perfect Home

Solution:   “Similar to how fashion models exert an influence on the feminine ideal for looks, shelter media present the home version of this ideal.” states Silvasy.  “The reality is that no home is perfect and will constantly evolve.  View your home as a work in progress and not a finished product.  Enjoy the journey and take the media images as inspiration.”

“No matter where you live, these simple changes will help you feel more in control of your home and you and your entire family will feel more relaxed.  With so many unexpected twists and turns in the world, everyone deserves a place where they can leave stress at the door.”  Silvasy concludes.

Art of the Spa is a lifestyle company devoted to bringing the spa life home via decor, design & nesting strategies.  Founder, Candy Silvasy is a spa living expert who authored “The Art of the Spa”, publishes Spa Hangover and is the host and producer of Spa Brunch podcast.



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