007 Copper Chic: Eau Spa

Though January is over, we’re still obsessing over Dr. No’s (our James Bond film for January) escape.  For instance, it’s kitted out with copper.  From the automatic sliding pushbutton doors, to the elevators and walls, bright shiny copper glams up the place.

Spas are no stranger to copper either.  With a gorgeous aesthetic and renowned curative and healing powers, they are a perfect match.  For instance, did you know copper has been used for centuries for carrying water in since the metal is anti-microbial and that many folks wear copper bracelets to increase energy?  Check out copper’s health history.

One spa that has the most decadent copper decor is the Ritz Carlton Eau Spa in Palm Beach.  It’s unbelievable ceiling and copper tones used throughout and sexy decor make it a perfect “penny loafer’s” paradise!  We’ll have some copper chic for your place later this week. . . meanwhile get inspired with these images via Eau Spa.

PS:  We have a super fun new gallery feature.  Click 1st image below & the full size images will pop up.  Click arrows to move back and forth!  Let us know how you like it!

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