007 Gadgets Snuggle Up Stadium Seats

Tomorrow is the Superbowl!  And I couldn’t help but think about how hard and cold those stadium benches are.  So we’ve picked a few 007 inspired gadgets to add a bit of cush for a comfy spa tush! Heck, even if you’re just watching the game on the tube, these seats bring a little stadium flava inside.

Super father’s day and valentine’s gifts for your favorite “James”.  Check out the last item it’s truly a touchdown throne you’ll want to steal!

1.  Keep it simple with this Homedics lumbar cushion for the seat back.


2.  You’ll be in the hot seat with this Bench Warmer heated derriere square which runs on rechargeable batteries.

21i70l2jR+L SL500 AA300

3.  Score with a seat that cushions your legs too!  The entire seat is heated with pouches for your snacks, programs and a drink holder and includes a charger & battery.

21ClLSYYijL SL500 AA300

4.  For the goal bound girl, a Polarheat pink heated seat cushion that also incorporates a drink cooler!  Genius!  Available in boy colors too.

417bFOF+gFL AA300

5.  This heated throw is powered by usb cables.  Put it on your lap, turn on your ipad for an internet simulcast so you won’t miss a play.

41bOU9cxpgL AA300

6.  And for the grand finale, how about heated and massaging stadium seat (we like to call it the touchdown throne!) from Frontgate?  For the King of sports fans!

31X1hOAqr6L SL210

Now that you’re nice and comfy, here’s hoping your team wins the game – cheers, Candy

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