Race to the Bedroom in Borobudur

Would you race around the world for a million dollars? I would! Hence my addiction to CBS’ The Amazing Race. Channel surfing on Sunday I discovered I had missed the first episode egads!

Last season we took you around the world with the racers, picking a spa at each destination with our signature bring it home ideas. (Check previous posts out!) Hold on to your robes, cause we’re off again. Let’s go!

This episode brings the racers to Borobudur, Indonesia. For a full recap, check out Showtracker on LA Times.com.

Spa Pick

The Amanjiwo (literally means peaceful soul) Spa by Aman is the world’s largest Buddhist sanctuary! Hidden in a natural amphitheater, after counting Buddhas (see show recap) I can’t imagine a more fitting hideaway for the racers.

The spa is created around a natural amphitheater - genius!

I can't think of a more adorable welcome!

A long walkway emphasizes the act of leaving the world behind.

No diving allowed!

And I know I’d run faster for the top accommodation at Amanjiwo: The Amanjiwo Suite! Where therapists perform delectable massage, body treatments and relaxation rituals right on the spot. No need to traipse around in public!

Sweet dreams on a stage! Find out how build a platform like this one below.

The storage nook on the left is ideal for your beauty necessities!

Your special bed for spa indulgences! Isn't the canopy so femme?

SpaHouse the Amanjiwo Suite

Make your bed or your own spa spot more Indonesian! This netting can be hung from the ceiling or draped over a four poster bed! And it's only $40 at Overstock.com

If you’re feeling adventurous, follow Eric Stromer from AOL’s DIY Life as he builds a platform for the bed in the video below (click play after ad).  Adjust the measurements to make it oversized like the one above – who needs box springs?

Spa Treat

One of the Spa’s most popular services is the Mandi Lulur Borneo Hitam – The ‘Black Borneo’ body scrub. A blend of black rice and coffee to smooth skin and improve vitality.  The treatment ends with a warm herbal bath.

SpaHouse Version:

Add olive oil to 1/4 cup of ground coffee (great way to recycle old grounds) and 1/4 cup of black rice uncooked until you get your desired consistency, thicker is easier to scrub your body with. Enjoy in the shower or tub! Also makes a fun gift packaged in a vintage coffee tin!

Note: To save your tub, put a piece of cheesecloth over the drain to catch the rice. Clogged pipes are SO unspa!

See you next week for the next installment of Amazing Race to the spa! Candy

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