Amazing Race to the Spa: Spa Botanica Singapore

Sadly, due to technical difficulties I had to miss my beloved Amazing Race this week. BUT, I remembered Phil said the racers would be bolting around Singapore – so while I can’t do my recap – how about a visit to one of the top spas in Singapore?  If you need a recap, She Knows has an awesome one.

Singapore is a city that takes spa and relaxation seriously. The Singapore Tourism Board awards the top respites annually with Best Spa Experience and Best Tourism Hotel: Spa. And this week’s spa has won them both and SpaAsias’ award for one of the top ten spas.

Spa Getaway

The Spa Botanica is located in the Sentosa Hotel and a favorite of mine. Spa Botanica has the distinction of being Singapore’s first garden destination spa, it also has Asia’s first mud pools and float pools with cascading waterfalls. The mud in the region is known for it’s richness of earth and it’s positive life energy is thought to be healing.

If any of the racers are still injured, they can visit the spa’s Seven Eden Wellness Centre for a Traditional Chinese Medicine consultation or acupuncture. Or try the Executive Health and Active Aging programs and leave with a plan for living younger and more optimally.

But Spa Botanica’s most a”maz”ing feature are the meditation labyrinths. Lose your cares in this age old circle for escaping the modern world. A single path leads you into the circle where you can sit and leave your worries. . . then take the other path out and at peace.

Since the racers will arrive in the evening, I’d recommend they do one of the spa’s Galaxy treatments while they rest under the stars. For instance:

galaxy mud detox and massage
Submerge yourself in the bathing rituals of ancient cultures while journeying into the wonders of the galaxy. The Galaxy Steam Bath is the first of its kind in Asia. This relaxing treatment comes from a long tradition of cleansing rituals in Asia and the Middle East. Apply mud blended with essential oils selected to suit different parts of the body. Then relax under the stars in quiet reflection as you are soothed by the gentle application of dry heat. As the temperature gradually increases, indulge in a soft herbal mud detox experience. Complete you rejuvenate with warm drizzle shower.

and I’ll bet the gals especially would love the travel gunk washed out of their hair with one of Botanica’s Hair Spa treats like:

detoxifying scalp treatment

This totally reinvigorating experience relaxes tense scalp muscles and soothes stress-induced headaches brought about by a hectic lifestyle. It also removes excessive sebum and dirt from polluted air. A deep cleansing treatment is highly recommended for oily scalps. Detoxify regularly to prevent hair loss.

Spa wishes, Candy

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