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Meet Five Tibetans Who Give You Energy Every Morning

Vigilius Mountain Resort may not have a gym, but it has something better – an incredible natural outdoor setting in which to move and meditate.  You can elect every morning to do The Five Tibetans with Vigilius’ personal trainer in The Paradise Garden. The Five Tibetans are highly energizing yogic postures and exercises that originated […]

Illuminate Your Home – Lighting ideas w/Marcia Zia Priven & Paul Priven of Zia Priven Lighting

Don’t be in the dark when it comes to lighting your home. Lamps, overheads, chandeliers, florescent, watts, there’s lots to choose from, but just what do you need to create the ideal atmosphere for your rooms? We’ll chat with lighting designers (whose lighting has been featured in spas like the Anastasia Spa in Beverly Hills) […]