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Leave Your Troubles at the Door

There’s a very very old song called The Sunny Side of the Street that goes, “Leave your troubles at the door & your worries on the doorstep”. That lyricist could have been talking about a spa! There’s the Blue Door at the Hermosa Inn, The Emerald Door, The Red Door. . . And, of course Golden […]

Race to the Bedroom in Borobudur

Would you race around the world for a million dollars? I would! Hence my addiction to CBS’ The Amazing Race. Channel surfing on Sunday I discovered I had missed the first episode egads! Last season we took you around the world with the racers, picking a spa at each destination with our signature bring it […]

Create a Garden Labyrinth for Lazing

Since it’s spring and we’re all getting down and dirty in our gardens, why not create your own temporary Labyrinth? Just like the Spa Botanica featured in our Amazing Race to the Spa series?  Even if you have a small yard you can design a spot that will signal you to unwind. Typically a labyrinth […]

SpaHouse TV: Eyesore to Eyecatching Decor Part 1

Televisions are modern versions of fires our ancestors sat around while telling stories. (Except the fire now tells the stories!) Watching movies, gaming, working out to dvds. . .we need them as much as our besties!  The problem is they are so ugly and sneakily suck us into mindless shows. When I was little, I yearned […]