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Herbicide! Who Murdered the Parsley?

Since I moved to California, I have amazed myself at the things I’ve been able to grow!  Back in the midwest, my friends nicknamed my apartment the Plant Graveyard – except for orchids which by some weird fluke flourish like gangbusters under my watch. My new place has the most spectacular greenhouse window in the […]

Golden Door Diary: Day 1

Our recent Spa Brunch radio broadcast at the Golden Door Spa in Escondido, California, gave us loads of ideas to share!  This diary is my daily account of treasures spotted – where I’ll reveal take it home resources and ideas – including my schedule fans (at the Door my personal scheduler chooses activities for that day […]

Sultan Chic Thanksgiving: Dine

Even if you’re serving (or eating) traditional Thanksgiving fare, that doesn’t mean the table needs to be all pilgrimified! I’ve never really been a fan of the usual gratitude gala accoutrements.  I mean fall leaves?  Really?  How boring is that? Inspired by one of our favorite Moroccan spas, La Sultana, and the autumnal tones of […]

Bibliotheque: Italian Country Living

Don’t you just love cuddling up with a gorgeous book? At one of our favorite cafes in Pasadena, Fiore Market Cafe, they not only have craveworthy treats like fennel salad and vegan cupcakes, but they keep stacks of design & fashion books piled on benches and tables! Paradise. Today whilst lunching there, I started flipping […]

Veg Out Vibrations: Tibetan Singing Bowls

Our feature spa for the week, Wildflower Hall, borders Tibet and one of their signature treatments is called “Journey to Tibet”. During the Journey, guests are exfoliated and massaged while Tibetan Singing Bowls are played in the background. Though we wish we could whisk you there right now, we can at least offer up a […]

Spa iPods – Music for Entertaining, Dancing and Relaxing

Custom iPods for Every Mood! (Playlists added frequently so please stop by again soon) Scroll to view our custom ipods below. To play:  Click on center arrow.   Move ahead or back a song:  Click the back or forward arrow or click on the song you wish to go to. To stop:  Click on the […]

Holiday Spa Gifts from the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa

You can score authentic spa goodies direct from the source without hopping a plane. Forward thinking spa destinations have their own beauty formulations, skin savers, home accessories available online! Besides pampering yourself, their storefronts make awesome resources for unique gifts too! After all, who wouldn’t LOVE a little SPA-AHH as a pick me up or […]

Kickbox Your Waist Away Like They Do at Chiva Som

Thai kickboxing is a martial arts form that evolved from ancient battle practices. In the boxing ring, it can be quite brutal – an unlikely candidate for spadom right? Well, Chiva Som has a workout that vibes the cardio and strength building capabilities of this sport, without the gore. It’s a superb way to burn […]