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Spa Flick: Tower Heist & Midas Spa Treats

With Thanksgiving upon us (and a whole lotta rain here in Cali), we decided to go see Tower Heist with Eddie Murphy, Ben Stiller (always so fun!), Tea Leoni and Alan Alda. I’d classify Tower Heist as a cross between Wall Street, 48 Hours, and Night at the Museum. It’s a comedy about a rich baddie […]

Sake Clay Cocoon Mask & Black Sesame Body Ritual

On our Japanese spa tour, we mentioned two body treatments at the Four Seasons Chinzan-so that use ingredients used more for cooking than beauty! We couldn’t resist trying our hand at creating our Art of the Spa versions of these treats, enjoy!: Sake Clay Cocoon 1.  Dry brush your body using a natural bristle brush […]