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Seasonal Spot: Orchid & Silver Disco Dazzle

The Izek Day Spa on Lakeshore in Oakland, CA decking it out a la disco with striking orchid lavender and silver palette – that tree is spa-velous!  Note the deer around the tree too cute!  How can you “spa”scape the area round yours?

Golden Door Diary: Day 1

Our recent Spa Brunch radio broadcast at the Golden Door Spa in Escondido, California, gave us loads of ideas to share!  This diary is my daily account of treasures spotted – where I’ll reveal take it home resources and ideas – including my schedule fans (at the Door my personal scheduler chooses activities for that day […]

Leave Your Troubles at the Door

There’s a very very old song called The Sunny Side of the Street that goes, “Leave your troubles at the door & your worries on the doorstep”. That lyricist could have been talking about a spa! There’s the Blue Door at the Hermosa Inn, The Emerald Door, The Red Door. . . And, of course Golden […]

Mission: Pretty Up in Rangoon

I adore browsing local drug stores, pharmacies, chemists, whatever the local beauty & health purveyors are called where I’m traveling. It’s like a pampering playground! On Sunday’s Pan AM, Kate was scheduled to make only 1 pickup in Rangoon . . . but, I think she, being the glam stewardess she is, should have made […]

Hotel Giardino Spa European Effervesence via Hotel Giardino

Trick or Treat: Candy Color Spa Decor & #SpaHouseParty

This week on #SpaHouseParty we’re Trick or Treating! Taking inspiration for our homes from our favorite candies! Join the fun Monday, October 17 on tweetchat. Til then, take a peek at these spas with sweet palettes and their candy counterparts. Feel as if you’ve stepped into a Candyland game? The fun colors make spa time […]

Wildflower Hall by Oberoi, 2011 Spa Tour

  Owned by the luxurious Oberoi Hotel group, Wildflower Hall presides 8,250 feet above sea level!  Now that’s an escape!  Set amongst hillsides of wildflowers, what other spa would be our official flower week (last week) Art of the Spa selection! Natives are said to have climbed the Himalayas in hope of reaching heaven alive! […]

Four Seasons Tokyo at Chinzan-so, 2011 Spa Tour

Our second #JapanLife destination on our 2011 Spa Tour is the Four Seasons Tokyo, Chinzan-so.  This escape is set in the middle of bustling Tokyo yet tucked into the Chinzan-so gardens- also known as Camelia mountain – doesn’t that sound gorgeous?             The pool is right off the gym – […]

SpaHome Sleep Strategies Pt. 1: Rejuvenate Spas

Last week was National Sleep Awareness Week®, and this past Sunday we all lost an hour of sleep.  So we decided to ask a few of our favorite spas that specialize in sleep and napping therapies to share their ideas for a deep, restorative, spa sleep.  We are extremely grateful to have two of the […]

Vigilius Mountain Resort Spa – South Tyrol, Italy

This year is proving quite fun no?  Thanks for accompanying us to our sixth spa this year the Vigilius Mountain Resort in Tyrol, Italy.  A secluded mountain spa retreat is the perfect apres Valentine’s surprise for our sweeties, don’t ya think? Oh look, here comes the gondola.  Isn’t it supercool that this or a crisp […]

La Sultana Spa Hotel Marrakesh

This week we are focusing on decor on our journey to explore and bring home the world’s most luxurious spas. That’s why we chose La Sultana in Marrakesh. Voted one of the most beautiful hotels in the world by Forbes Traveler – it’s got that Moroccan decor that makes us all feel like spa sultans! […]