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SpaFlick: Duel & a Squeezable Stress Reliever

Screen Hi Dad (waving) Happy Father’s Day!  This week we’re devoting Spa Flick Friday to one of my Dad’s favorite movies of all time:  Steven Spielberg’s Duel.  It’s easy to see why guys grunt and arrrrgggyyyah at Duel.  Little dialogue, one set, one actor, made for the puny (according to Hollywood standards) budget of $500,000, […]

Nate Berkus Spells Designer Extraordinaire (& he’s a Spa Dude!)

On September 13, 2010, Oprah’s “cutie pie” designer Nate Berkus launches his very own TV show on NBC. It’s about time! In the words of a friend, “He’s my home design hero!” Love that – you know who you are. In honor of the exciting news, our Twitter pals and HGTV design stars, the MoggitGirls […]

A Chic Roman Spa for Saint Valentine (and you!)

According to wikipedia, Saint Valentine refers to twelve martyred Roman saints.  It’s even sketchy as to whether our holiday, celebrates one Saint’s feast or all twelve.  While we can’t pin one down the details of St. V specifically, we know he was at least religious and Roman.  SInce Romans were really into spas – the […]