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SpaDate: #SpaWeekGossip Recap

Thank you Hallmark for this week’s topic on Spa Time with Your Sweetie, just in time for Sweetest Day, October 16. And with ubercool manelists @ozsultan and @nandoism on board, you know we’re getting a real man’s perspective too! We agreed that spa is essential to men’s health just as it is to women’s. So […]

Give Your Guy a Sweetest Day Spa at Home Treat!

Stuck for Sweetest Day ideas for the guy who has it all? How about a spa treatment? This ultimate masculine spa evening offers relaxation, indulgence and togetherness. Sweet! The Invite Mail your sweetheart an invitation to dinner (or slip it into his briefcase) Request an RSVP. The Nibbles Make sure food selections can be kept […]

SpaFlick: Duel & a Squeezable Stress Reliever

Screen Hi Dad (waving) Happy Father’s Day!  This week we’re devoting Spa Flick Friday to one of my Dad’s favorite movies of all time:  Steven Spielberg’s Duel.  It’s easy to see why guys grunt and arrrrgggyyyah at Duel.  Little dialogue, one set, one actor, made for the puny (according to Hollywood standards) budget of $500,000, […]

Gifts to Pamper Pops on Fathers Day

Dads are notoriously hard to shop for. . . lucky for us guys are getting into the spa groove more than ever – here are a few of our favorite gifts for their newest past time: Stoneware Shaving Mug w/Olive Oil Soap and Brush from martisart on Etsy Natural Spice Body Buff at the Four […]

Nate Berkus Spells Designer Extraordinaire (& he’s a Spa Dude!)

On September 13, 2010, Oprah’s “cutie pie” designer Nate Berkus launches his very own TV show on NBC. It’s about time! In the words of a friend, “He’s my home design hero!” Love that – you know who you are. In honor of the exciting news, our Twitter pals and HGTV design stars, the MoggitGirls […]

Where Would St. Patrick Spa? An Irish Enclave in Kerry

Did you really think I’d forget to give St. Patrick a spa day?  I am half Irish after all!  Plus, the roots of St. Patrick’s Day are in indulging.  It’s origins are said to stem from a day to take a break from Lent, eat meat and rejoice!  And if there was a spa around, […]

A Chic Roman Spa for Saint Valentine (and you!)

According to wikipedia, Saint Valentine refers to twelve martyred Roman saints.  It’s even sketchy as to whether our holiday, celebrates one Saint’s feast or all twelve.  While we can’t pin one down the details of St. V specifically, we know he was at least religious and Roman.  SInce Romans were really into spas – the […]

The Couple that Spas Together Stays Together

Though spa is often thought of as a solitary endeavor, it is also one that can be shared with loved ones.  In fact,  spaahing is a healthy way to spend some bonding time together away from the stress of daily life.  And with Valentine’s Day upon us – who better to spend a day at […]

Apres Superbowl Spa Treatments for NFL Players & Weekend Warriors

As attested to in this article on, football is a dangerous sport. Whether your team won or lost the BIG game one thing is certain, the players are going to be sore! And this Apres Superbowl Monday has me thinking how some spa time would be, well super, for these footballers. Think these men […]