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De-Stress with An Advent Calendar

Countdowns are the bomb! Advent calendars are sort of like the New Years Rockin Eve of Chistmas and sooo much fun! As a kid, I loved opening the little doors for each day before Santa’s arrival! Many have pockets for each day too, each spot filled with candy. But who needs more sugar this time […]

Mission: Pretty Up in Rangoon

I adore browsing local drug stores, pharmacies, chemists, whatever the local beauty & health purveyors are called where I’m traveling. It’s like a pampering playground! On Sunday’s Pan AM, Kate was scheduled to make only 1 pickup in Rangoon . . . but, I think she, being the glam stewardess she is, should have made […]

How to Use Moroccan Argan Oil to Moisturize Your Hair & Skin

To conclude our week at La Sultana, I wanted to introduce you to a line of beauty treatments I recently discovered. There is a tree grown only in southwest Morocco called the Argan tree. The oil from this tree is jam packed with vitamin e & omega 3s and is a Moroccan beauty secret. And […]

Indoor Heating Hair Rx: Ananda Hot Oil Treatment

Did you ever notice how Indian women have the most luxurious shiny hair? We’re going to give your hair it’s own retreat right now with an easy version of Ananda Spa’s Hot Oil treatment. And with all this indoor heating, who’s locks aren’t losing their lustre just a bit? 1. Combine the three herbal essences […]

12 Homemade Beauty Secrets from our Twitter Chats

At our last #SpaWeekGossip tweet chat, we had a lively discussion about incorporating masks into our beauty routines. As a maskaholic of sorts, I was shocked that many women don’t take the time. Not only is masking good for your skin (it dries up acne, can moisturize and chase away fine lines) it’s essential for […]

Gowns for Lounging like a Vixen

In addition to her trusty Sleepmask (see our selections), what would a girl wear to a Spa Masquerade Ball but a Night”Ball”Gown?  Even if you’re not partying with us, check out these chemise gowns we’re craving – way too stunning to sleep in! Night “Ball” Gowns by ArtoftheSpa featuring a crystal ring VINTAGE INTIME PINK […]

The Top 5 Tools to Remove Hair at Home

Wherever we don’t want hair it seems to be well. . . there! And while I’d love to try electrolysis, lasers or salon waxing, I often don’t have the time or money so I’ve sought out the BEST ways to take it off at home! Enjoy and please share your own favorites in the comments. […]

Spa Flick: The Ketchup Kings & a Ketchup Hair Helper!

“To do a common thing uncommonly well brings success”  HJ Heinz Screen     Tomorrow is Boss’ Day so our Spa Flick features a boss extraordinaire.  If there was ever such a thing as a SpaBoss, HJ Heinz who concocted America’s favorite condiment, ketchup, was it.  Channel surfing I fell into The Ketchup Kings documentary […]

Beauty Unplugged: Earth Friendly Ways to Get Gorgeous

Last week in honor of our Spa Electronica high tech spa chat we shared all kinds of cool gizmos to get your skin glowing in our Electric Beauty article. This week we recommend what you can do without to help save the planet while you primp. Don’t: Electric Foot Baths Why: Save money on electricity, […]