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SpaFlick: Iron Man, a Water Wall & Raisinets

Screen This week I’m recommending a film that’s still in theaters: Iron Man 2. Despite the presence of a super skiinny Gwyneth & Scarlett, I loved this movie & it turns out that our Iron Man Tony Stark is actually a #spahome fan.  Not to mention that this movie is an energizing escape. Watch closely […]

Spa Flick: Casanova, Pizza Popcorn, X-Rated Cocktail & Olive Oil Foot Treat

Well, I seriously don’t think a gal needs any reason to watch a movie with the late Heath Ledger in it, but I’ll give ya one anyway for this week’s Spa Flick:  Casanova Flick He was the world’s most notorious seducer. A swashbuckler, master of disguise and wit – it was said no woman could […]

Spa Flick: Your Makeup & False Lash Application Video

For a change of pace, this week’s spa flick is actually the treatment as well.  For those of you new to our Spa Flick Fridays, we usually set you up with a movie, snack & an at home spa treat to do while you (or you and your friends) view!  (Be sure to scroll to […]

Spa Flick: Couple’s Retreat, Island Nosh & Hot Coals Foot Fun

Caveat: If you’re trying to convince your guy or gal to go on a spa trip, this may not be the film to watch with them! Considering our last article was about couples spending time together at a spa – it seems fitting or ironic (not sure which?) that I had selected Couple’s Retreat as […]

Spa Flick: The Road to Wellville ie Spa Gone Wild

Get out your cereal bowls, this weeks SpaFlick gives new meaning to the word bowl of frosted “flakes”!  The Road to Wellville is the real life story of Corn Flakes inventor Dr. John Harvey Kellogg – played brilliantly by Anthony Hopkins. A vivacious romp at Dr. Kellogg’s spa, who was an eccentric health nut in […]

Spa Flick: Beauty Shop. . . a Virtual Hair Do!

Well it’s that time again & it seems the weather is definitely conducive to a girls movie night!  This week’s Spa Flick is a more obvious choice than last week’s: Beauty Shop starring Queen Latifah as the top stylist in a posh salon (sound familiar?) who then decides to go it on her own.  Kevin […]

Spa Flick: Night at the Museum 2 & Exfoliating Sand Scrub

What do you get when you combine a silver screen spa experience, a DIY beauty treat, your favorite blankie & pj’s, champagne & popcorn (and maybe a family member or two – your choice)? Spa Flick Friday! At the end of a week I’m often just too tired to go to the theatre, cuddling up […]