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How to Go Around the World and Make it Home Healthy & Happy

[Monique has just knocked out General Fang with a martial arts strike] Passepartout: [astonished] She must be the eleventh tiger! Monique La Roche: [curls fingers into claws] Meow. I’m finally starting to breathe again. The flights are reserved Spa treatments are booked (at least one at each spa) I’ve written my daily itinerary My passport […]

An Apple A Day – Spas in New York, NY

At this moment the detective approached Mr. Fogg, and, looking him intently in the face, said: Mr. Fix: “Seriously, sir, are you in great haste?” Mr. Fogg: “Quite seriously.” “I have a purpose in asking,” resumed Fix. “Is it absolutely necessary that you should be in New York on the 11th, before nine o’clock in […]

It’s A Spa World Part Deux, or How to Plan A Trip Around the World While Losing Your Mind

Lord Kelvin: I, Lord Kelvin, hereby vow to surrender my position as minister of science to Phileas Fogg if he can circumnavigate the globe… in more than 80 days. But if he cannot, he must never set foot in the academy again, he must tear down that abhorrent eyesore he calls a labatory, and he […]

A Planning Aside: Gender Bender

Railway Official: There’s still fifty miles of track to be laid between here and Allabahad. Phileas Fogg: But the London newspapers announced the opening of this railway throughout. Railway Official: That must have been The Daily Telegraph. Never would have read that in The Times. I’m so bogged down with plotting the nitty gritty details […]

I’ve Got a Golden “RTW” Ticket – Flying Around the World

Phileas Fogg: One day, I will build a machine that will allow a man to fly! San Francisco Hobo: Flying men? Where? Where? Phileas Fogg: Nowhere! San Francisco Hobo: Where are the flying men? Where are the flying men? Phileas Fogg: They’re over there! San Francisco Hobo: Beware the flying men! Beware the Flying men! […]

It’s a Spa World i.e. How to Plan a Trip Around the World Without Losing Your Mind!

If to live in this style is to be eccentric, it must be confessed that there is something good in eccentricity. – Jules Verne referring to Phileas’ carefree lifestyle Phileas ventured out around the world the same day he accepted his wager. No such luck for me. Though my course is set, I need to […]