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Spa House Daily Spot: Sup in a Sunroom!

Happy Thanksgiving Week! We have more gorgeous spa vibing home spots from Turkey.  First, this eating area which makes every meal feel like a picnic!  The banquette is surrounded by windows and a huge skylight to get that inside/outside vibe!  If you don’t have the same setup at home, don’t worry – try surrounding your […]

Spa House Daily Spot: The High Steel

Our pre-Thanksgiving tour of Spa House Spots in Turkey continues, with the Yenikoy Mansion an example of modern Turkish decor.  Though the kitchen’s cabinets and tile are traditional, the room is anchored by a steel range hood and ceiling.  Definitely a taste specific choice, but embodies the spirit of Turkish design – courage to mix […]

Spa House Daily Spot: Let’s Talk Turkey

Thanksgiving is impending so let’s talk Turkey! From now until Thanksgiving our Daily Spots will present a feast of rooms from Turkey.  This room was inspired by the two tulip chairs – yes look closely they resemble tulips!  Do you have any furniture that vibes a flower?  Share in the comments!  We also love the […]

Spa House Daily Spot: Kaleidoscope Craving

Doesn’t this vibrant room, fondly dubbed Kaleidoscopic Chic by designer Civility Design, make you want to cuddle up with your friends & bask in its gorgeousness?   The unexpected palette is energizing & soothing so Spa House Cozy!  How can you bring some unusual color combos into your living room?   See the entire image […]