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Update! DIY: New Year’s Spa Styled Tree Inspired by The Golden Door to Make Wishes Come True

In case y’all didn’t know, before the Golden Door was sold to it’s new owners, I broadcast my podcast, Life’s A Holladay from the spa so y’all could experience my week with me.  That visit got me wondering how Japan celebrates the holidays. Take the Christmas Tree, many Japanese festoon it with wishes written on festive paper […]

Pink and green union jack throw pillow from karen hilton designs etsy

London Styled Lounge for Ogling the Olympics

Can you believe it’s time for the Olympics?  I get weary of the whole hullaballoo by the time it’s over, but am always super excited about watching those opening ceremonies, they usually rock! Whether you’re hosting an Olympic viewing party or vegging out ogling those gorgeous athlethes, how about a bit of Brit witted spa style […]

Chillin’ Like a Villian: (Stolen) Art

The end of January is upon us and it’s our last few days of Dr. No spa style (February will be “The Spy Who Loved Me” month!)   And we haven’t finished saluting Dr. No’s fortress.  Who knows how to hide away better than the bad guys?  Don’t they seriously always have the best digs? […]

Dr. No “Worries” Spa: Sans Souci, Jamaica

Part of Dr. No was filmed at the Sans Souci resort in Jamaica which, lucky for us, is still in business!  It’s now a couples retreat, perfect for Valentine’s Day coming up!, and we went undercover to bring you a taste of the resort . . . plus a few ideas for bringing it home! […]

Resolution Bowl New Year’s Day Party

Every year I throw a New Year’s Day Resolution Bowl where we lounge and doctor our New Year’s Eve hangovers. The crown jewel of this event is the “Resolution Bowl”. As each guest arrives, he/she completes a slip of paper with a goal they want to achieve in the upcoming year. The slip goes in […]