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Five Flirty Fall Spatinis

First thanks everyone for all the love for our summer martinis!  But guess what?  We get thirsty in the fall too!  Sip these babies while passing out candy to the kiddos or at your next tailgate! Or at this week’s #SpaWeekGossip Spa Halloween Masquerade Party! 1. Spiced Caramel Apple Martini from  JW Marriott Resort & […]

Spa Flick: The Ketchup Kings & a Ketchup Hair Helper!

“To do a common thing uncommonly well brings success”  HJ Heinz Screen     Tomorrow is Boss’ Day so our Spa Flick features a boss extraordinaire.  If there was ever such a thing as a SpaBoss, HJ Heinz who concocted America’s favorite condiment, ketchup, was it.  Channel surfing I fell into The Ketchup Kings documentary […]

Spa Flick: Mamma Mia, Face Mask & Green Popcorn

Screen With Sweetest Day next week, this week’s flick pays kudos to the Greek Goddess of sex and love, Aphrodite. In Mamma Mia an impending wedding turns into a tour de force when the bride to be invites her 3 possible dads. First the breathtaking Greek island of Skopelos (where the movie was filmed) provides […]

Spa Flick: I Spy, Kneipp, Potato Cookies & A Budapest Spa

Screen: While an action comedy with Owen Wilson and Eddie Murphy may seem an unlikely “spa” movie (and not the best acted), I Spy’s “spa” appeal lies in one scene where a shoot out and chase ensues through a Hungarian spa. This scene was filmed at the Gellert Spa Baths – one of the world’s largest […]

Spa Flick: Death Becomes Her, Homemade Donuts & Egg White Mask

Screen Just saw Death Becomes Her at the Pasadena Film Festival and forgot how fun it was! Definitely a “Fountain of Youth” genre dark comedy – Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep star as two gals who refuse to age – finding the magic potion from Isabella Rosselini.   However, there’s a catch and in the […]

Spa Flick: Casanova, Pizza Popcorn, X-Rated Cocktail & Olive Oil Foot Treat

Well, I seriously don’t think a gal needs any reason to watch a movie with the late Heath Ledger in it, but I’ll give ya one anyway for this week’s Spa Flick:  Casanova Flick He was the world’s most notorious seducer. A swashbuckler, master of disguise and wit – it was said no woman could […]

SpaCandy: Stylish Chocolate-Covered Valentine’s Day

So you’re running out to score some Valentine’s chocolate for your sweetheart? It’s a traditional gift, but also one that can scream last minute drugstore run. Chocolate as a present can also backfire on you if your sweetheart is on a diet – sabotage! How to avoid both? 1. Learn how to buy chocolate that […]

Glamorous Grub: Black Sticky Rice with Mango

Black rice is one of those foods that just oozes sophistication.  It sets off anything paired with it visually and guests go ga ga over it.  This recipe from Thai spa Chiva Som is perfect for a party or an intimate dinner for two.  Enjoy! Black Sticky Rice with Mango Ingredients 300 g (10 ½ […]

Trick or Treat: Bissinger’s Candy for Halloween

With Halloween coming up, the scariest thing I can think of is making it out of the grocery and avoiding all the chocolate and treats calling my name (it is Candy after all!).  How do I resist?  I begin dreaming about one of my favorite chocolate fixes that won’t be mean to my insides like […]