Chillin’ Like A Villian: Living with the Fishes

This week, in our search for James Bond bliss, we’re focusing on Dr. No’s evil underwater lair.  Think living inside of a giant aquarium would be relaxing?  Did you know that watching fish swim can drop blood pressure up to 10 points?

James and Honey are mesmerized by Dr. No's fishy view

Well, we think the inhabitants of this spa house must have the lowest blood pressure ever!  Dreamed up by Metropolis Design, Dr. No would definitely approve!  Images via archdaily

Watch later in the week, a way to spa underground and our favorite ways to sneak in a little seaweed escape no matter where you live! What’s your favorite room in this house?:

Peek a Boo Privacy! I love that glass creates intimacy in the shower & toilet room, but doesn't close up the space!

Isn't the bean shaped kitchen charming? You can build that in any house you know!


Check out under the deck, the underwater viewing room - could be a good or bad thing spying on your guests there!


More see-through action with this peekaboo wall - oh to live with no neighbors!


Floating decks beat inflatable rafts any day!

Underwater retreat. . . ahhhhh

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