Chillin’ Like a Villian: (Stolen) Art

The end of January is upon us and it’s our last few days of Dr. No spa style (February will be “The Spy Who Loved Me” month!)   And we haven’t finished saluting Dr. No’s fortress.  Who knows how to hide away better than the bad guys?  Don’t they seriously always have the best digs?

On the way to dinner, Bond passes Goya’s Portrait of the Duke of Windsor, on an easel in Dr. No’s living room.  Now here’s the beauty, it is there BECAUSE set designer Ken Adams ingeniously is paying homage to this fact:  If a villian owns a masterpiece, it is most likely stolen!

Franciscogoya portrait of the duke of wellington

Goya's Duke of Wellington

Now I’m not suggesting you plan an art heist, but you can buy a replica of most any painting at


Or you can create your own virtual gallery before buying at these fun sites:

Virtual Gallery Seriously addictive.  Create your own galleries and browse other members galleries – which include collectors and artists.  It even supplies suggested music and you can play it as you browse 3D galleries. Simply awesome for discovering contemporary and new and emerging artists.  You can even purchase their work on the site!

VirtualGallery com  I m feeling lucky 1

Create your own gallery at Virtual Gallery

Web Gallery of Art Focuses on traditional Old Masters especially baroque and classical.  Great resource for research.

If you were to have an old master in your spa lair, which would it be?  Do reveal your pick in the comments!  Here are a few to get you started from ArtSteps:

Artsteps | Gustav Klimt 1

Would you choose a Klimt?

Leonardodavinci monalisa

Or the Mona Lisa?

Now that’s art of the spa lair!  Cheers, Candy

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