Primp: Pine Needled

At the holidays there are two categories of Christmas celebrators – the artificial and the real – not people mind you, but trees.  Which seems to be determined to some extent, by whether you grew up with a fake or the real mccoy.  Being a spa gal and naturalist, I always go for the gusto and aroma of a live tree.  (Coming from a family of artificial tree aficiandos doesn’t hurt either.)

This year my tree is already weeping needles.  But I don’t vacuum or throw them out – instead I recycle them.  I keep a basket under the tree, which also catches a few as well.

Here are some quick and easy ways to head off holiday headaches (really the aroma of pine is known to help headaches, soothe and imbue peace) & bring a little Christmas Tree “green” to your beauty & health regime.

  • Boil a handful in a pot of water to make that festive fragrance fa-la-la-llow waft all over your home.
  • Have a “Pine Pedicure”.  Place needles into a hot foot bath and soak those shopper weary feet.
  • “Spruce” up bath time – Add a handful to your bath for a relaxing holiday soak
  • “Fir” your own drawers make sachets.  Place the needles into a square of cloth, gather and tie with a ribbon.
If your needles aren’t falling, but you want to be pampered with pine, try The Thymes Frasier Fir line of lotions and bath products!

Join me tomorrow as I answer the age old question, “Where Would Santa Spa?”  Good luck finishing your shopping and I’ll see you at the spa, Candy

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