Create a Garden Labyrinth for Lazing

Since it’s spring and we’re all getting down and dirty in our gardens, why not create your own temporary Labyrinth? Just like the Spa Botanica featured in our Amazing Race to the Spa series?  Even if you have a small yard you can design a spot that will signal you to unwind.

Typically a labyrinth is 50 feet long at least, with a set of loops that lead to the middle and then another set of loops that lead out. See Spa Botanica’s labyrinth pic above. But in our practical version we are going to use a spiral model with in and out counting as two separate paths. To Do:

1. Find the most secluded place in your yard where you can make a circle w/a 3 to 5 foot diameter.
2. Place small stones, bricks, wood or sticks along the outer edge of your circle spiraling to form a path to the center .
3. Determine your material:
– Fill circle with sand (if it’s more permanent) then draw a spiral in the sand from center to perimeter
– Make a spiral with rocks – even river stones from the craft store work well. Start from center and make a spiral out
– Use your imagination! To finish place a small pillow in the center.

To use your Labyrinth:
– Enter from the perimeter and walk the spiral to the center.
– Sit in the center & empty your mind of everything but the sounds & smells of your garden at least 3 mins or more.
– Exit by retracing your path to the outer edge of the circle.

If you really want to go to town and do a complex labyrinth, check out this how to on DIY Network

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