Create a Platform for Good Fortune & Health: Feng Shui Bed a la Tobira Myojinkan

Did you know the type of bed Japanese prefer is a platform bed?  A platform bed is defined as any bed without a box spring where the mattress rests upon a frame.

Though Tobira provides "western" style beds in some rooms, note they are still on platforms.

So it’s no surprise that at Tobira the beds are on platforms!   Feng Shui holds that the simple profile of a platform bed promotes not only serenity in the bedroom, but also optimal wellness, deep sleep and good fortune (and great “interpersonal” relations!)  In addition, good energy is generated when air can circulate under the bed whilst you slumber.

Haiku Designs has a plethora of gorgeous platform beds to suit many tastes.  Which is your Favorite?  Comment below! Our faves:

The Sapporo

Fuji! Named after Mount Fuji this focal point has a striking mountainous headboard!


Luxor - Seriously Sumptuous Slumbering

AND I just could not resist including the nightstands that accompany the Luxor bed, they are embedded with wood panels & Swarovski crystals!  Now that’s serious Spa Glam Style!  (my personal fave)

Tips for Placement

Feng Shui practitioners recommend the best placement for your bed:

1. maintaining access on both sides of the bed

2. do not place the bed so your feet are pointing directly at the door

3. choose or create a strong headboard to draw you visually and thus physically to the bed

Live, love and lounge, Candy

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      Thanks Samantha! I hope you’re having an awesome week ; ) Candy