DIY: A New Year’s Tree to Make Wishes Come True

My recent visit to Golden Door Spa got me wondering how Japan celebrates the holidays.  Though Japan doesn’t officially celebrate Christmas, they do love our western seasonal traditions with decorations galore but add Japanese flair.

Take the Christmas Tree, many Japanese festoon it with wishes on festive paper instead of ornaments. . . a loose interpretation of a shinto shrine called a gohei a wooden pole or stick beribboned with paper streamers.

Turn your tree into a gohei - love these pretty pink paper wishes!

What a fun way to begin transitioning out your Christmas decor and ring in the New Year!  On New Year’s Eve, remove an ornament from your Christmas Tree then replace it with a wish for 2012 by you or a family member or friend.  When the ball drops to start the new year, light your tree and radiate the wishes into the universe!

Use pretty wrapping paper hung with bright ribbons, small boxes, chinese take out boxes!   If you want to go fancy, write the wish on a piece of origami paper then fold and place on tree like below.

These origami hold wishes! Via comfortablehomedesign

Happy New Year and may all of your wishes come true for the upcoming year!  Candy

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