Dr. No Inspiration: Gilded Bed Ruffles

Well it’s January and we’re welcoming it with a No – Dr. No that is – this month’s James Bond theme is the very first caper.  As I watched the trailer below, something caught my eye right away.

The bedding that the villianess is lying on. . . it’s got a metallic gold ruffle on it!  And it looks lame (Pronounce Lam-ay)!  Whoa now that’s some serious retro spa style.  After all, spas are definitely “guilty” of golden decor.  Have a looksee – see anything you’re lusting after (other than Mr. Bond of course!)? Tell us in the comments.

YouTube Preview Image

Intrigued?  Want to add a little glam to your boudoir?  Ideas to get you on your lame:

For an elegant twist try this Coronado Gold & Linen Bedding by Austin Horn

Coronado Gold and Linen Bedding by Austin Horn  Elegant Duvets  Designer Bedding

White with gold trim equals regalia in the bedroom.  Image from  Capstone Painting


Looking to just try it without being too committal?  How about just adding pillows like these spotted on Cococozy

IMG 2742

Or keep your gilt under wraps, until beddy bye time with these Divatex gold trimmed bling sheets

0080622246308 500X500 jpg 500×500 pixels

So would you lame or not?  Have you any gold in your bedroom?  Share below – we’re so nosy we know.



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