Egg-ceptional Furniture for that Easter Egg Vibe

The golden egg at our spa of the week, Ni’Mat, motivated me to undertake a mission to find egg shaped decor for the home. After all, the smooth silhouette and soft round curves are extremely soothing to look at in our living spaces – definitely a must do for a Spa home ambiance.

Not quite a baker’s dozen, but at least a few omelet’s worth of space soothing finds. (Each image is clickable to take you to the resource.)

Perfect for small porches, this Nuevo patio set is stackable into a perfect egg!

This sound egg is the closest thing to the Golden Egg treatment at Ni'Mat. Plug in your ipod, meditate, shut out the world for a while . . . ahhh.

The classic egg chair designed by Arne Jacobsen

This Uovo table lamp is available in 3 sizes for a lovely ambient aura.

Wouldn't this make a perfect living room chair to escape the TV? Eero Aamio Alpha Shell Egg Chair.

A garden egg! Hanging wicker patio chair adds a little "me" time too the great outdoors.

This Lomme bed is like a shell for sleeping - LOVE how the shape cradles it's occupants.

Live, Love and Lounge, (and Happy Easter!) Candy

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  • Awesome collection of the egg shaped indoor and outdoor furniture.I like the first capture because i have a small gallery in my backyard and its too small so the stuff in the capture is perfectly fit my back gallery with it i save lot of space too.