Herbicide! Who Murdered the Parsley?

Since I moved to California, I have amazed myself at the things I’ve been able to grow!  Back in the midwest, my friends nicknamed my apartment the Plant Graveyard – except for orchids which by some weird fluke flourish like gangbusters under my watch.

My new place has the most spectacular greenhouse window in the kitchen that was screaming for herbs – and I obliged.  At the spa they cook with fresh picked herbs and I love making my beauty concoctions with them.  I bought one of thosepots with multiple holes so I could be lazy and grow a bunch of varieties, but only have to water one plant.  I planted parsley, orange mint (for my water), greek basil and rosemary.

At first, the whole thing looked gorgeous, but then the parsley started to weaken – meanwhile rosemary, basil and mint are going gangbusters – I think the other three killed the parsley. . . herbicide!  Check it out:

What do you think?  Who murdered the parsley?  Maybe I could play it some classical music to try and revive it?

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