Repurpose Holiday Table Decor

One thing I always struggle with after Thanksgiving festivities is putting away all the table paraphernalia. You know, the gargantuan platters, gravy boats, the cutlery explosion (will I really use these butter spreaders the rest of the year?) and gazillions of linens?

Sometimes its finding the space that gets me, but mainly a LOT of it is so pretty, I don’t want to ferret it away like a squirrel storing her nuts. . . or even worse be wasteful. Here are a few ways I use the table leftovers in my home spa treats and decoratively:

image Williams Sonoma

Cloth Napkins

If the stains don’t come out after your girl scout try, (and these tips from ReNest) Repurpose them as facial cloths for face masks. Cut a circle the size of your face, soak in hot water – wring and place over your face while indulging in a face mask. Then use it to wipe the face mask away.

credit Pottery Barn

Salt/Pepper Shakers

Store and dispense your bath salts in these – use less, save money, plus looks so cute on the tub!

If you’re a loose powder fan, store finely milled talc for your body or face in one – a treasure on your vanity too.

credit Debra Hall Lifestyle

Gravy Boat

Ditch the plastic bottles most bubble baths come in and pour your bath “gravy” with this. Tres elegant. Make up brushes also look so striking laying in the boat.

credit West Elm

Turkey Platter

As long as your platter isn’t a great big ole ceramic turkey (you know who you are!), use this as you would any other tray. Serve drinks on it, use it as a landing pad on your bedroom dresser for stray jewelry – or on your vanity to display your perfumes!

credit Tiffany & Co

Butter spreaders

Really now, do you use spreaders ever? Only for special occasions? I use my extra ones to spread moisturizer on my face – fingers in jars lead to germs ickers!

Here’s a trick – hot glue a wooden clothes pin to your moisturizer jar lid – use it to hold the spreader.

L'Objet Swarovski Napkin RIng

Napkin Rings

I don’t know who came up with the idea for napkin rings, but every year one or two wander off like lost lambs. I’ve actually quit using them on the table – instead I use them to cinch hand towels in my bathroom!

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