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Thanks for the YUMMO recipe @Korikatra

Witty Repartee and Saucy Banter among our Guests!

In honor of Flower Week on Art of the Spa, we tapped two of my fave floral geniuses to help us arrange our floral decor for maximum petal power!

The Jane Packer trained flower artisan (whose classes you can take!), Suzanne Cummings & the Vase Vixens of Steuben Crystal graced us with their gorgeousness!  It was a bouquet of fun!

@Steuben Angles Candlestick can double as a vase!

Prolong the Petals! “Clearing foliage below water line, Use flower food, let drink ASAP change water daily” @SuzanneCummings



Flirty Flower-tinis!

– Add Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup to Champage – yum
– Floral Cocktail Rimmer – Edible Flowers torn into small pieces & mix with sugar. Coat rim with sugary water and dip into flower petals @artofthespa

Fantasmic! Volcano vases hand crafted by @ElegantThrifter


-Press Flowers:  Put dying flower between wax paper.  Place in back of a heavy book and stack other heavy volumes on top.  Or you can iron the wax paper to seal and press the flowers.

-Dried Lavender Petals or flower petals in bowls w/lavender oil make pretty moth repellants

-How to Dry Flowers via @Steuben :  Let flowers die naturally, remove water to prevent rotting then re-vase

Graceful tablescape by @ChristinaL_ for @crateandbarrel










Vase & Vessel Vibes

-Silver plated Julep Cups @oohlafroufrou
-Blue Glass Mason Jars, Milk Glass Pitchers & Vases, Vintage Tea Cups @sabjimata
-Simple clear crystal ball and cylinder vases, vintage 50’s pottery, old buckets @JonathanLegate
-1950’s ice cream bowls, a silverplated gravy boat, bottle @artofthespa
-Group several single bud vases together
Antique water pitcher or anything copper @SpaLook

Carlos Mota Flowerbook via @DecorMusings

Flower & candle collage via @LeslieFineInt

The gorgeous cherry trees in DC courtesy of @ifloor!

Welcome Bouquets to 1st Time Guests:

@hlbeckwith @shaunaoberg @minnierosegray @goddesscurtains @mollybiz @diamondslady812 @litsaart @chefbigmike @bklyncontessa @SharonCreelman @ladyrosabell @perfectlyplaced @chatnchow @sabjimata @warmlyyours @pliadesigns @rusticretrieval @JoceH @loveyourcake @brwney

See you next week at #HomeSpaChat 8PM ET

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