Leave Your Troubles at the Door

There’s a very very old song called The Sunny Side of the Street that goes, “Leave your troubles at the door & your worries on the doorstep”. That lyricist could have been talking about a spa!

There’s the Blue Door at the Hermosa Inn, The Emerald Door, The Red Door. . . And, of course Golden Door Spa  which during our Spa Brunch, inspired this article.

Don’t Forget!  Join #SpaHouseParty on Monday October 24!  We’ll talk all things spa and door design & decor.  With special guest Golden Door Spa!

When you walk through the actual Golden Doors it’s magical. Almost as if they were embracing me & guarding me! Opulence does that to a girl. It’s sort of symbolic no? Entering into an Eden. So who says the door to your digs can’t be transformative too?  It ought to be. Spectacular spa doors for your enjoyment:

The famous Golden Doors of Golden Door Spa Escondido, CA

The Red Doors of the spa of the same name. Imagine how lovely those handles must be to use!

The door to the Istanbul Edition Hotel spa - so regal!

The Golden Door at The Boulders spa is richly rustic.

The Ruby Room in Chicago gives off a Hollywood Regency air with a circular pattern and mirror insets.

The modern entrance to the Mii Amo Spa in Sedona, Arizona

Now that we’ve whetted your appetite. . . After the door themed #SpaHouseParty watch our site for our picks and easy, affordable tricks to transform yours! Subscribe to our RSS feed so you won’t miss it.  Candy

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