Leftover Bake-Off Bash

What could be more fun than your favorite pals, loads of juicy holiday dish, and wine?  How about baked goodies that turn your fridge full of stray food into culinary delights?

Whether you made them or were given the hand me down variety of leftovers often doled out to us single folks, the holidays bring a flurry of them.  So invite your besties to a bake off that would make Pillsbury proud.  Have everyone tote along their taters and their best baked good recipe to delish them up.  You can even have a tasting and judging at the end with a prize for the top honors.

Why a baking bash?  Well, once you mix and mold, you can let the oven do the rest of the work and chat and chow!  Plus, baked goods freeze well for post holiday palate pampering and can be super gifts for those New Year’s fetes you’ll be off to.

Here are a few recipes to get the party started!  Shh don’t tellI  Click the recipe name or image for full instructions:

Coconut Potato Truffles via www.GregKantner.com

More elegant than traditional mashed potato candy


Ham Bread via A Parson’s Inn & Adventure Spa in Juneau, Alaska

Delicious Ham Bread served with a view of Alaskan Wilderness


Deja Vu Ham Cake via  http://www.citronetvanille.com/

Deja Vu your Ham with this yummy French cake recipe


Green Bean Bread via http://newjerseyhills.com/

just like they make at Manmi Korean Bakery in Vegas!

image: http://vegasandfood.blogspot.com/

White Chocolate, Pecan and Cranberry Sweet Potato Cookies via http://www.evilshenanigans.com/

Evil Shenanigans indeed mmm

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