Let Them Eat “Turkey” Cake

I know I’m going to hear some boos and hisses, but “cringe” here goes anyhow. . . I do not like Turkey! It just always seems so dry and I’m not a gravy fan so I always take a few token bites on Thanksgiving, then that’s it. SOOOO, I’m always looking for alternative Thanksgiving recipes. And I found a doozy on our fave foodie site Chow!

Turkey Cake! It’s your whole Thanksgiving as a dessert – now that’s some spa living! I make this on lots of occasions, sometimes subbing ham for the turkey. I also make a few modifications:

– Turkey layer: add 1/3 cup each celery and fennel; sub Part-Skim Mozzarella for Parmesan cheese
– Sweet Potato Layer: sub skim for whole milk, cut the brown sugar by half & use 1 TBS butter.

Hope Chow doesn’t mind my spa modifications! Just serve it. . . your guests will swoon and call you Josephine! Happy Thanksgiving!

Click the cake for the rockin' recipe!

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