Lounge & Listen: Dr. No

Welcome to our first 007 Spa Style mixpod inspired by the film of the month – January’s is Dr. No. (If you missed the articles, just enter Dr. No in the search box.)

Instructions: To move track: use >> or << to go forward or back. To play: click cursor over arrow at bottom. To pause: click the ll next to the arrow at bottom. Click menu to get list of tracks back.

The Tracks/Videos we chose and why:

1. The James Bond theme by JOHN BARRY – this is the only Bond film where the original music was the theme
2. Dr No – Original Trailer!
3. Ursula Andress’ Famous Scene Coming Out of the Water – Check out how to get her look here.
4. Mariah Carey – Honey (World Music Awards 1998) the video and song is inspired by Ursula Andress’ character
5. 007 “DR. NO” BBC4 Radio BOOK (fun way to listen to the story in 15 minutes!)
6. Jackie Mitoo & the Soul Brothers Jamaican version of the Bond theme
7. Three Blind Mice – Jamaican Jazz (song played in film)

Music Playlist at MixPod.com

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