Spa Up Your Easter with Baskets filled with DIY Beauty & Food Treats!

We’re not saying you need to massage your eggs on anything crazy like that. . . but a few spa tricks can be used to gussy up those those baskets!

SpaHome Tip:  I like give Easter baskets to the adults too! Recipients are always so surprised and why should kids have all the fun?

Step 1.  Rethink the Basket

Shower baskets, vintage purses, flower pots all make ideal basket substitutes.  Plus they are useful AFTER easter – no storing in the attic til next year.  I actually prefer containers without a handle because let’s face it all they really do is get in the way.  Instead, anchor your cellophane cover using the tallest item in the basket.

Step 2.  The Grass

Go au naturel and layer small square flats of wheat, moss or cat grass on the base of the basket (use crumpled newspaper to elevate the grass to the level of the basket rim).

Loving the vibrant colors this Blumchen paper grass comes in!

An eco friendly alternative Blumchen German paper easter grass above makes an impact and is available in about 14 colors!

Or for a glam basket filler – use Christmas silver tinsel!

Step 3.  The Fillings

For the big girl & guy baskets that I make, I like to fill with a variety of store bought and handmade foods & goodies – emphasis on pampering of course!  Some of our favorite Art of the Spa created & approved DIY ideas – first foodie faves:

Jelly Bean Skewers!  Simply use wooden skewers and pile on the jellybeans!  I like Jelly Bellies personally, but the larger sized beans are easier to spear.

These hand dipped berries from Red Envelope are luscious looking but have a hefty price.  But they’re a cinch to make.  Simply buy white melting chocolate like Candyquick.  Melt squares into as many different pots as you want colors & add a few drops of food coloring to each pot. Then dip away.  Make designs by painting contrasting colored chocolate w/ a toothpick or q-tip (makes pretty polka dots)

And don’t forget pretzel rods can be dipped too for height!  Or that the berries can go on a skewer.  Now for body treats:

Egg cookie cutters from Williams Sonoma can be used to make bath fizzies too!

Easter Egg Bath Fizzies

1 1/2 cups baking soda
1/2 cup citric acid
8 drops essential oil — your choice of scent
1/2 teaspoon sweet almond oil
2 drops food coloring — your choice of color
-Combine all ingredients.
-Press into muffin tin or a cookie cutter like the Williams Sonoma Egg ones above  – be sure to line with vaseline before putting in for easy removal.  Let dry before placing in basket

Bunny Body Scrub

Our sugar scrub is one of your favorite DIY pampering goodies.  The basic recipe:  -Start with 1 cup of sugar and add olive oil til the desired consistency.

Michael's Crafts has a huge selection of Easter sprinkles to give your Sugar Scrub gifts extra spring sparkle!

To transform it into an Easter treat:

Substitute 1/4 c of sugar with colored easter sugar or sprinkles (we love the bunny mix from Michael’s)  Scoop it into cone shaped plastic bags (the ones nuts are often served in) for a “Carrot” presentation in the basket.

What are some of your favorite Easter Treats?  Tell us in the comments!  . . .  AND don’t forget our Easter Spa Parade continues with ways to add Polish to your Eggs later this week.

Live, Love and Lounge, Candy

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