Master Your Moods with Seasonal Aromatherapy Oil Blends ala Four Seasons Chinzan-so

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The spa at the Four Seasons Chinzan-So offers a unique approach to personalizing your treatments:  a massage oil quartet of  exclusive blends meant to conjure a specific season.  The oils are blended for YU spa using fresh plants & flowers.  They also contain antioxidants & vitamins for conditioning and rejuvenating effects.

Many of these exotic oils, in their therapeutic grade version (essential for maximum benefit), are available at Heal with Oil .  But some may be expensive to reproduce at home or the oils unavailable in your neck of the world, we offer their secret recipes for your inspiration:

A blend that evokes images of sakura blossoms in the soft early morning sunshine.
Key ingredients: mandarin, geranium, orange blossom and cherry oils

A blend that calls up images of fireflies darting through the evergreen trees as the warm summer breeze blows through the garden.
Key ingredients: boku (Japanese pine), pine, galbanum and peach oils

A blend that arouses images of Japanese maple leaves in red, brown and yellow as they fall on the warm earth.
Key ingredients: cedarwood, sandalwood, frankincense and rosehip oils



A blend that elicits images of camellias in crisp, snow-covered gardens.
Key ingredients: Patchouli, ylang-ylang, robai (beeswax plum) and camellia oils

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