Ni’Mat Spa Hilton Copenhagen, 2011 Spa Tour

How could we NOT choose Ni’mat as our spa for our Easter decor & entertaining extravaganza week?

The Copenhagen Hilton at the airport holds an egg-sclusive spa retreat!

Ni’Mat may just as well be known as the spa that laid the golden egg!  Seriously, I think Mother Goose and WIlly Wonka would both be proud!  Ni’mat is an oasis inside the Hilton Hotel located at the Copenhagen airport.  Like an unhatched egg, it seems to beckon:  Stress meet your nest!

Did Mork arrive at the Ni'mat Spa? Just kidding - we love the egg presides over the pool - at the far end of the picture..

What Ni’Mat says about the egg:

“We are happy to introduce you to the Golden Egg Experience – for the first time to be had in Scandinavia. It is a truly magnificent meditative experience – a must. Lying cocooned inside the hollow Egg, it will not take long before deep sense of relaxation and stillness settles – outside disturbances and noise barred from entering your own private universe.”

The evening view of the egg - hatching heaven!

Though the egg is it’s own treatment, Art of the Spa suggests doing your fitness, swimming and other treatments first!  Because once you’re in the egg, you are NOT going to want to do anything else.  We recommend the Pearls of Asia  – the warm poultices are divine!

Pearls of Asia

Massage inspired by ancient Thai traditions, using heated herbal balls. Through the use of heated balls and the skilled hands of the massage therapist the herbs will penetrate the skin and bring the cleansing qualities to the whole body. Expect deep relaxation and lessening of tension of the muscles.


Now it's time for the Golden Egg!

Art of the Spa:  Ni”mat Spa!  This week we’ll reveal:

-DIY egg beauty treats inspired by Ni’Mat’s Golden Egg

-Egg-ceptional Furniture to help you create your own in home egg-scape

*Photos courtesy of Hilton Ni’Mat

Live, Love and Lounge, Candy

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