Mission: Pretty Up in Rangoon

I adore browsing local drug stores, pharmacies, chemists, whatever the local beauty & health purveyors are called where I’m traveling. It’s like a pampering playground! On Sunday’s Pan AM, Kate was scheduled to make only 1 pickup in Rangoon . . . but, I think she, being the glam stewardess she is, should have made another pickup at the best spa in Rangoon:

La Source Beauty Spa! Housed in an adorable dutch style colonial villa, here Kate could relax her flight attendant worn feet with a luscious pedicure.

Hey Kate, don’t forget to take home Officina de Tornabuoni skincare carried exclusively here. Including Officina’s fabuloso L-O-V-E aromatherapeutic shower gel collection perfect for seducing all those suitors!  Plus, no icky artificial ingredients to dehydrate cabin pressured skin.  Four formulations:

L – Relaxing O – Sensuality V – Revitalising E – Harmony
(but you can buy it here, shhhhh!!)

Enjoy your flight! Candy

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