Pretty Pick: Grin! SuperSmile Whitening Pre-Rinse

After reading a few so-so reviews of SuperSmile’s Whitening Pre-Rinse (a wash that you rinse your mouth with BEFORE you brush), I was a little leery, but a sale tempted me – plus I just love anything that makes my pearly whites (which decidedly tend to go pearly, um, yellow!) prettier.

I’ve always been a fan of SuperSmile’s floss – it doesn’t shred and seems to last longer than other flosses I’ve tried.  The jury’s out on the claims that it whitens the in-between bits of your chompers – but hey every bit helps right?

The rinse sat on my vanity for two weeks while I waited for my annual dental cleaning – because hey why waste whitener on mucked up teeth.  So I was raring to rinse, let me tell you.  The night after my big clean – I nearly forgot to try it – because who thinks of rinsing BEFORE you brush?  (Probably the biggest caveat I’d have about this product is getting in the habit of rinsing before you brush.)

So rinse, rinse and BAM! tingling ensued as if someone had put a bath fizzy in there – whoa!  Definitely tooth spa status here – the pre-brush  “massage” has actually made me look forward to brushing each night!  Two weeks after I started using this, my teech definitely look brighter – I’m not sure about whiter – but sparklier for sure.

There is no flouride in SuperSmile Pre-Rinse, so if you want that use a mouthwash after you floss.  So big grins and high recommendation to SuperSmile Whitening Pre-Rinse.  It only adds a few seconds to your beauty routine and seriously perks up those pearlies!

Live, Love and Lounge, Candy

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