Primped: Beverly Wilshire Hotel Pt. 1

The Beverly WIlshire lobby really is this glamorous!

A few weeks ago, I received the ultimate invitation (ok aside from maybe a dinner invite from Justin Timberlake!), a chance to take place in a global sparty hosted by Four Seasons! My destination? The Beverly Wilshire Hotel (better known as the Pretty Woman hotel) . . . Santa came early!

Welcome to the Spa at the Beverly Wilshire!

Stairway to the Spa!

After a meet and greet with a few other guests, Suzanne Marques of LA Woman, Julia Dimon of TravelJunkieJulia and a yummy mango smoothie in the cutest little shot glass. . . I started my treatments with the Natura Bisse Flawless Facial and my skin is still beaming!

The Flawless is named after the diamond series of Natura Bisse products used during the treatment which was created exclusively for this spa. Can I tell you I was butter. . . after ninety minutes of unadulterated indulgence, from the 30 minute facial massage to the quartz diamonds used.

Even though this is the first facial I’ve had without steam, I swear I lost 10 years in 90 minutes! First, my skin was cleansed, exfoliated and extracted (without an ounce of pain I might add!)  Next a fizzing mask was applied which felt like ants crawling on me. . . but in a good way!  Then my face was kneaded with soft, short strokes a special technique which actually lifted my face – it felt so alive and tingly.  Quite diamond-like indeed – no black spots here!

The ethereal steam room! Starry skies & all.

After the facial and a lovely post facial steam, I chatted with the Natura Bisse educator about maintaining and achieving these effects at home. I learned that their home products are the same strength as the spa products. That massage though. . . special training required, darn!

However, I did find this awesome how to facial massage video – enjoy but be gentle – too rough a touch can leave your face red!

YouTube Preview Image

The finale was a hand massage and manicure in the Nail Bar (a funky space separate from the main spa) with a fierce Butter London polish called Bluey (which I keep getting compliments on!) Then lunch!

Yes it was a day befitting a princess & the spa “castle” was just as regal. See our Spa Stylebook later this week for the decor and lounge details. Including a few holiday gift ideas you can order right from the spa’s boutique.

Thank you Four Seasons for spreading the message of spa living worldwide and including us! You can follow the afterparty on twitter using #FSspa too! Lots of great at home tips – we’ve even started a #FSspa scrapbook on our facebook page.

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