Reiki can Relax & Heal Your Cat or Dog

This is a lovely guest post by Ming of Reiki Fur Babies. No matter where you live they can help your pets feel their blissful best! Visit their website for more information AND mention Spa Cat for 10% off your session.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a “A therapy in which practitioners transmit a universal energy to a person or pet” Reiki is healing energy.

When we treat pets through distant reiki treatment, it’s like sending radio waves. Distant healing is a process of using energy (universal energy) for healing living beings remotely. The healer acts as a conduit for the flow of energy and it is possible to transmit this energy given over any distance. That is why we can send reiki to anywhere in the world.

When our pets are not feeling well, be it emotionally, physically, mentally our life force energy is drained and running at a low level. It’s like being “running on empty”  on your gas tank. You are sluggish and not at your optimal potential. So reiki is like jump-starting a car. Reiki is a means of adding more energy to our “life force” battery to help “jump-start” the healing process.

Reiki can help your pet w/ pain,anxiety or other joint pain & even behavioral issues. With distance reiki the animal is not disturbed in its home or wherever he or she feels comfortable.  Here are two of our client stories:

1. A kitty that got sick after receiving his shots

Two black kitties received their Rabies and FVRCP shots. One of them seemed to not do as well afterwards. He was hiding, not eating and not drinking.  At the end of the day, when I heard he was still not drinking, that was concerning.  Reiki for this black kitty would defnitely help.  When we started the session, he said, “Yowser, for me?!” (This is the second time in a week that we have heard that from pet that has received more than one Reiki session)

This kitty was quite excited that we were there.  He had Reiki before from us quite awhile ago.  He said he was feeling achy all over, flu like symptoms. He said he would be okay. He also wanted his Mama to stop hovering. He said,” Mama keeps hovering, tell her I’m going to be okay I just don’t feel good right now. ” I got the sense that his tummy hurt so as I sent Reiki to his whole body I concentrated in the tummy area.

Mama told us right after the Reiki, her kitty came out of hiding, it had been close to 36 hours! He had some treats and then curled up right next to Mama! The next day he was eating and drinking. Yay!!

2. Sydney

Sydney is my foster, dropped off at Humane Society with a variety of problems that just got worse while at the shelter. 40+ pounds overweight; two infected front legs, elbows oozing pus (vet thought from a lifetime on cement); a torn ACL in her back leg; kennel cough; a matted coat that also hindered movement; no wonder she didn’t want to move. But beyond that, she also seemed like she’d lost her will to live. It was sad. Really sad.

Sydney feeling blue & ill

Upon our first session with her all we heard was “sighs” and feelings of pure exhaustion. Well, of course, who knows what kind of journey she had been on. We sent her healings to her hips and assured her with love and healing energy.

Blissful Pup!

That night after the session, foster Mama said she heard the clicking of nails, the golden came in the room!! Then the next day the foster Mama sent us a picture of the dog on her back in the grass with her legs up in the air- second reiki session, now she goes up and down the stairs like she owns the place. !! She followed me up 13 STAIRS!! In the beginning I couldn’t ven get that girl to STAND let alone do the stairs.

Sunday morning I let her for a potty break then went back to bed, she followed me and laid next to the bed while we slept in.

Apres Reiki Sydney Content & Vibrant

In those few hours I got the most restful sleep I’ve had in months. MONTHS!  I wondered if Sydney had some leftover energy from Candy & Ming flowing that I was picking up on?  Whatever it was, I can’t wait to do it again.  She sleeps with me from now on.


Thank you Ming!  And I know that pets everywhere, whether they have fins or four legs, thank you too.  Don’t forget to visit their website for more stories and detailed information.

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