Resolution Bowl New Year’s Day Party

Every year I throw a New Year’s Day Resolution Bowl where we lounge and doctor our New Year’s Eve hangovers. The crown jewel of this event is the “Resolution Bowl”.

As each guest arrives, he/she completes a slip of paper with a goal they want to achieve in the upcoming year. The slip goes in a large bowl. Later we draw a paper from the bowl. If someone draws his own, they draw again.

Next, each person reads the resolution they drew and each guest writes down on a large piece of paper whose they think it is. We all reveal our resolutions. Guest(s) with most right guesses wins a prize – usually a bottle of wine.

You can even take this one step further. For instance, when you go to a spa retreat, you’re given a guide to help you make the best choices while you’re there. A really important part of reaching goals and makes it fun! So why not make the person that drew the resolution, that resolution maker’s keeper?

It could be as simple as emailing a reminder or just being the one who listens when your bestie is about to fall off the wagon.

Happy New Year, let’s all resolve to make this the best year ever! Candy


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