Spa Flick: Tower Heist & Midas Spa Treats


With Thanksgiving upon us (and a whole lotta rain here in Cali), we decided to go see Tower Heist with Eddie Murphy, Ben Stiller (always so fun!), Tea Leoni and Alan Alda.

I’d classify Tower Heist as a cross between Wall Street, 48 Hours, and Night at the Museum. It’s a comedy about a rich baddie who pilfers his clients’ funds – but some of his clients’ (who happen to work at his condo building) decide to get it back. Even the Macys Thanksgiving Parade makes an appearance, hence perfect Turkey Day movie fodder.



Without spoiling the plot, I’ll just say all that glitters is not gold in Tower Heist which sets the tone for our spa accoutrements to this evening (you’ll see what we mean when you watch it!) Enjoy!

Sip:   Gold Cocktail (via Kiwi Collection)


2  1/2 oz Vodka
1 1/2 oz Malibu Coconut Rum
1 tsp shredded coconut
Edible gold leaf flakes (available at Chef Tools)

Coat the bottom of a martini glass lightly with the gold. Combine remaining ingredients into an ice filled martini shaker, shake well and strain. If you like, add a little more gold powder to deepen the color and sprinkle with coconut flakes.

Snack:   Gold-Dusted White Chocolate Popcorn via My Recipes


Mix nuts, cranberries, and melted white chocolate morsels into plain butter-flavored microwave popcorn to taste. Sprinkle edible gold dust on top.

Spa:   Jamela Gold Facial Mask

Gold is one of the hot trends in spa treatments – it’s said to help with inflammation, moisture & it’s just plain fun to feel like Midas in your face mask.  The Jamela one is super easy, just place over cleansed skin and relax while you watch the movie.  See you at the movies!    Candy

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