Spa-prise! Beauty Bungle: Egg on My Face!

Well, the Easter Bunny has brought the baskets, the eggs have been found and now you’re left with a bunch of whites and a few yolks!  Now it’s “Me Time”!

Well every spa site in the world is going to tell you what?  To take that egg white and put it on your face for an instant lift right?  Yes and that’s a legitimate use – egg white will temporarily take a few years off that puss.  And you can take the yolks add in a bit of olive oil and make a hair mask.


But, let me tell you what happened to me once after doing the egg white mask.  Ok I was going out to the theater on a special date and wanted to look, well drop dead g, hot date and all, so I did the Egg White mask.  Girls, it totally backfired!  I had so much trouble washing it off my face and then it left my skin dry even after moisturizer.

Plus, my foundation, let’s just say it had more of a ball than I did.  Seriously, looked like I had a leprosy.  I’m just sayin’ – try these things not right before a special occasion.  But the yolks in the hair, serious shine!

Live, love and lounge, (& Happy Easter) Candy

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