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Last week was National Sleep Awareness Week®, and this past Sunday we all lost an hour of sleep.  So we decided to ask a few of our favorite spas that specialize in sleep and napping therapies to share their ideas for a deep, restorative, spa sleep.  We are extremely grateful to have two of the country’s foremost authorities sharing their secrets.

Napping pod at Rejuvenate Spa

For our first piece, Rejuvenate Spas in Atlanta, Georgia.  Susan Vanyo, CEO and Founder, was kind enough to share the following tips with us:

“Here at Rejuvenate Spas, we encourage attending a yoga class or even watching a yoga class at home. With a one hour class, yoga completely puts your system in an easy, wind-down state perfect for starting the sleeping process.”

At Art of the Spa, we like the book Yoga in Bed by Naomi Call.  Especially helpful for easing yoga into your nightly routine.  Do a few poses once in bed before you turn out the lights.

Susan also suggests, “To create calm nights of relaxation: Rejuvenate Spas suggests going to your local market to find some relaxation oils such as ylang ylang and lavender. Place a few drops in your hands and lightly apply to pillow or comforter. These scents will send you rejuvenating and destressing immediately.”

*note:  Never apply pure essential oils to your skin or furnishings.  Ensure that the aromatherapy oil is in a base or diluted.  Pure essential oil can burn the skin or take finishes/color from decor.

Thanks so much Susan! Next time we are in Atlanta we’ll be sure to stop by and Rejuvenate ourselves and so should you.

Stay tuned, on Thursday, Nicolas Ronco, CEO of Yelo Spa in NYC will reveal his sleep secrets and discuss the health benefits of sleep.

Live, love and lounge, Candy

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