SpaHouse Smackdown: My Concrete Floor, Your Money

Did anyone watch the new HGTV show My House, Your Money last night? All I have to say is what a spoiled brat! Wouldn’t it be awesome if all of our parents could buy us $400,000 houses? That lapse in judgment aside, the lofts they toured were way cool bachelor pad material.

My favorite element, in the first place they toured, (which ironically the Mom hated!) were the gleaming concrete floors. Really shiny, glam and, bonus!, dirt hiding. Yes, they definitely would need area rugs (I’m seeing shag) for comfyness – but what depth they add to the room.

Ronny Coric is the master of art grade concrete floor design. His work has even been featured on HGTV and CSI Miami:

So what’s your take? Concrete floor – SpaHouse? or Sack?  Leave your two cents in the comments!

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