SpaHouse Smackdown: Ombre v. Dip Dye Decor

If you follow me around facebook and twitter, you know a few months ago I tried two color trends out on my locks.  I had a hot pink dip dye streak.  I then went ombre.  I also noticed a lot of decor echoing my locks. . . but, I also kept seeing the terms used interchangeably.  So for the record let me clarify:

Dip Dye:  A section of hair is literally dipped in a pool of brilliant color for uber contrast and cuteness!  There is a sharp line where the dyed and natural (a term I use loosely) hair color starts.

Ombre:  The hair is left darker at the roots and gradually brightens up to a lighter color.  It melds gradually like someone is shining a flashlight on the lighter pieces or lit from within.  Done typically with hair colors found in nature.

OK? So now we’ve got the terms down, like most beauty and spa fads, it will soon be on it’s way out.  Figures right?  But how about in your house?  Which could you continue to live with?  Check out our hair to home inspiration boards below then vote in the poll at the bottom!  Tell us which way do you think we’d go in the comments.

Dip Dye


Ombre Hair to Home


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