SpaHouse Transition to Relaxation at Home: The Ananda Peacock

One key element to bringing spa ambiance to your abode, is to have a transition piece. It’s the thing that says goodbye world hello me. It could be a fountain on the patio, fragrant jasmine at the door or a supersoft rug in your foyer. At Ananda Spa, guests are welcomed by a herd of peacocks when they drive up to the gate! Talk about regalia!

Welcome to Ananda

Spa to Home:

And not only are peacocks beautiful, the ancients believed that they symbolized immortality – now that’s a greeting to embrace.  But chances are you aren’t keen on having peacocks as pets (or live in India where they run wild).  So how ’bout:

Sculptures to greet you in your front garden or flanking your front door in pots.

This conversation starting peacock bench is also a great place for a chat! From

A dash of this Trina Turk for Schumacher outdoor fabric as an outdoor cushion for a less than literal peacock!

Best thing?  No peacock poo to clean up or horrible squawking to put up with!  What’s your favorite?

Spa ya later!  Candy

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