Spot On: Sense-ational Style

Lakeside Jewel Lake Como

This home on Lake Como was one of your favorite of 2011's Daily Spots

We LOVE all of the hugging you have given our Spa House Daily Spots!  But you know, it’s a New Year and since we are all about style that moves our senses, we’ve decided it would even more fun to spa them up.  (Don’t forget to read our invitation to you below for how you can be involved!)

That’s why our Daily Spot is transforming into Sense-ational Style.  We’ll still feature nooks, crannies, rooms & spas that flaunt style out loud, but also bring them to spa life by indulging one of your five senses in that space.

So we may feature a bedroom that’s glam and layer it with the sparkling tunes we’d listen to there.  That would be Spot On:  Glam + Sound!  It’s just our way of paying homage to great design, while helping you get your groove on in real life, literally.

An Invitation

We hope you enjoy this new twist  and would like to encourage you to submit rooms you’d like us to spa up. Feel free to even designate the sense you want tickled: Sight, Sound, Taste, Touch or Smell!  Challenge Us!

Use the subscribe post it in the right margin to send us your suggestions on our contact form.

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