Stick to Your Skewers – Herb Branches make Healthy Food Fab

Especially when you’re cooking outdoors, skewers are the way to go! Their grill-friendly and finger licking good repartee belie the healthiness of cuisine cooked on them. Did you know your skewers can infuse food with flavor too? Rosemary & lavender branches make yum skewers that be recycled as herbs too.

Though we’d like to think we invented this idea, some of our favorite foodie websites have delish dishes using this method – links below pics. . .skewer away!:

1.  Urban Recipe agrees check out their recipe for Rosemary Shrimp skewers.

2.  Mark Bittman at the New York Times agrees check out his recipe for Grilled Lamb on them!

3.  Lavender Grilled Apricots makes a sweet ending on

You’re a treasure, treat yourself like one! Candy

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